The turn up was real!

I originally planned to just relax all weekend and prepare for my celebration @ Dolce Lounge on Sunday. Clearly my friends had other plans. Friday it was club Onyx in Philly, Saturday I partied in south Jersey and of course the day party in Elizabeth on Sunday. I felt 21 all over again.  I was surrounded by love, beautiful women and genuine happiness. A girl could not have asked for a better birthday weekend. I looked like a Nubian Queen in my kente cloth dress custom-made by my little sister (follow her on Instagram @inrondaeyes). What started off as a creative expression in my head quickly became a masterpiece in a matter of two days. Thank you sissy!

Oh and my party.... #POPPINGTON thanks to the amazingly talented and hard-working Ladun Thompson (IG: @mrthompsonentertainment). That man is a genius! The atmosphere was very chic and sophisticated. The DJ had me two steppin' all night long (my two-step game is mean).

Did I mention Lance Gross was there?!?!

Definitely a birthday I will brag about for the rest of my life!