So you just got your new iPhone 5c from Verizon and your loving it. About a month later your first bill comes and its sky high! You can't afford this every month. Where are these extra charges coming from? Who is "miscellaneous fee" and why are you paying him $14.99 a month?!? Just when you began to stress over this monster of a bill, a commercial for Sprint's Framily Plan comes on the TV. You start to think to yourself, "I would love to save $650 a year; where do I sign up". I have the perfect person for ya!

Meet Nicole Miller


This 29-year-old southern bell with a Jersey swag is your go to person for all your cellular needs. She is a Store Manager at Sprint located in Savannah, Georgia and a mother of two beautiful children (who just so happen to be my niece and nephew). Starting out as a Sales Rep, she quickly moved up the ranks by staying focused and hustling hard to prove that this is not just a mans world. With 10 years of expertise under her belt, she has clearly set a standard in the south. Not only is her store 6th in the nation as far as sales go, but Nicole and her team have managed to take the top spot as the #1 store in the entire Sprint company. Annnddd she is THE ONLY African-American female manager in her region and the entire company! That's my sister y'all! Ambition runs in our blood.


Because she is so dedicated to her job, she is often caught checking emails and conducting conference calls during family vacations. She rarely takes that "Boss" hat off lol. Thanks to her diligent team of staff, she is able to take more steps back from the work scene and enjoy the precious moments with her children. She praises Sprint for their understanding and compassion when it comes to working mothers. I asked her to name some things that help her keep her "motherhood sanity" and she stated...

Prayer and mom!


Lol I can definitely agree with that. Although we don't see each other much I would like you to know that I love you sister.

Happy Mother's Day

Oh and no conference calls in June! lol