It is often said that “all is fair in love and war”. I personally don’t think the two relate, but who am I? If I have to fight my way to your heart, then it wasn’t meant for me. Love is intended to be patient and kind. So why do so many females bare battle wounds that profess their significant other’s love? Is their word not good enough?

For those of you who stay abreast with social media you may have heard that on Monday, Baltimore Ravens’ player Ray Rice was suspended, indefinitely. This is all over an elevator incident (that was caught on video) between him and his fiancé, Janay Palmer. Now this wasn’t your Solange and Jay type incident. This was blunt force trauma to the head causing Ms. Palmer to completely black out followed by an unbothered reaction from Rice. Once Ms. Palmer was out cold, Rice proceeded to pick up her sandals and drag his boo-thang out the elevator and down the hall. How romantic

*insert sarcasm*

Now I’m pretty sure you all are screaming, “Leave him alone and take that a** through litigations”. I would absolutely concur. However, Ms. Palmer, who has been laced in the most expensive outfits and keeps a mean collection of red-bottoms is now… MRS. RICE! Talk about ride or die chick.


One can only speculate on why she chose to stay. Couples argue all this time but neither party should EVER become physical; male or female. Have females become so blinded by materialist things that they are willing to take blows to keep up with the Jones’…or better yet the Carters’?

News flash ladies: YOUR LIFE IS PRICELESS!!!!

I can only hope and pray that every woman across the world watching that video or reading this post has an epiphany. Your relationships are what you make them. The next blow could mean your last breath.

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