Hair up Bra off

Wine poured

Mood... *sigh*

Now y'all know I never posted this late but a sistah is having a true "wake up" moment at 11:15 on a Monday night.

I was having a conversation with my best friend about how far we have come in life. We've been friends for over 12 years and have seen each other through EVERYTHING. The young, dumb and the ratchet. I'm always complaining to him about how unhappy I am with certain aspects of my life. His answer is always...

"Shette, only you can f*cking change it. Man up"

Me being stubborn could never admit that he was right... until now. You're right Ju, you win! Lol

The different aspects that make up our daily lives are not there by chance. They are pure choices. Don't like that dead-end job, look for a new one. Dude playing games with your heart, focus on the one who cherishes it.

I'm not saying anything deep. We all know this but somehow find it easier to just stick with the situation hoping and praying that one day something miraculous will happen. And that's ok. Just don't complain about the CHOICE.

Face the music and embrace it for what it is or change the track and make a dope soundtrack for the life you want to live. Just a friendly reminder...

Love & hugs,

Shette 💋

(with a little inspiration from my Ju Ju beans)