As if my infatuation with Wale wasn't already borderline psycho, this Matrimony video may have tipped the bucket. Being the second single off his fourth album, The Album About Nothing, this D.C. native displays his more emotionally in-tuned side with this single. Yes, celebrities have feelings too. Now I've been a Wale fan since Nike Boots and Illest B*tch. His word play has always been very spoken word-ish and metaphoric. However, with his playboy demeanor I would have never expected him to pour out his heart like this...

I’ll admit it, let me be hypothetic The day I find a women I prolly be scared to share it The idea of me finding love would run somebody off And true my wall could use some plaques but still I got the floors Brush you off, see I'm kinda lost Now I'm up in the club with a couple of Move On's And dark, troubled heart Went from fallin' in love to drunk and fallin' apart This is hard, tryna find some time to move on Cause when we lost our baby, I got shady she got too dark Soft, and I thank you baby, you strong My ex before you married to, you solo I say so long Nah, good terms how that ended But it surely put a dent in how I worry about this business Off white picket fences, more flights with the children On site stealin' kisses on off nights my intentions But, I plan to do it better though But you still sayin' let it go We ain't gettin' any younger Women love me now but in your eyes we forever though

And then he has the audacity to have Mr. U-S-H-E-R-R-A-Y-M-O-N-D himself singing the chorus! Mr. Akintimehin (Wale's last name) if this is your way of proposing, baby I DO! After the release of the song in March, I was impatiently waiting for a visual. And today my wish was granted.

Check out The Matrimony by Wale ft. Usher here

 True love is so dope!