Carol's Daughters x I AM THAT GIRL = Girl Power on FLEEK! The #StraightOutta campaign was a cute shameless plug to ignite the millions that Dr. Dre and Ice Cube would profit from the debut of Straight Outta Compton. But when women unite, you know we come harder.

One of my fav natural hair care brands has teamed up with I AM THAT GIRL to curate the #BornandMade campaign. This campaign serves as a commitment that its participants make to be their true self; whomever that may be. Ignoring the outside opinions, sexist social stigmas and gender roles that society has placed on woman, this campaign allows you to tell the world who you really are.

I notice the hashtag on Instagram this morning. After seeing all the beautiful faces that chose to take the pledge, I had to join in.  Amongst the positive quotes displayed on the site, there is an area where you can create your own #BornandMadeposter to let the world know who you are.

Allow me to re-introduce myself...


If you don't know, now ya know*in my best Biggie impersonation* lol

Join the party here and tag #BornandMade, #CarolsDaughter and #AllAbouttheFeminine when you post to social media. You can also take the I AM THAT GIRL pledge here