Qortni Williams

35 y/o

Corporate Professional

Glenridge, NJ

What is the greatest thing about being a woman?

I think it's our strength. Our physical strength, being able to give birth and what our bodies can do. But I also think it's our mental strength. I think we really hold our families together, hold our friendships together and I think that's what makes us strong when it comes to relationships.

What are some of the challenges about being a woman in today's society?

I think our value is predetermined for us. My self-worth is predetermined for me and kinda given to me by society. Whereas men can decide their worth and value. And also I feel like in the black community, they have a higher expectation for women. There are things that I am supposed to do that black men are praised for. You know I'm supposed to go to college. I don't get a pat on the back. I don't get any appreciation because that's what I'm supposed to do. Whereas black men get "Oh he's in school. He's a good one". Its that inequity and that expectation that's really a challenge. Feeling like there's a ceiling for me. Like no matter how smart I am or how hard I work that I'm always gona make less than a man. there's a ceiling for me because I'm a woman despite my effort.

Who or what inspires you and why?

I really think anybody that is in my life inspires me. I'm not one of those people who collects a lot of people. I'm very selective about who I let in my life and I only let people in who are additive. You know, you have to be adding something positive to be in my space. And so the 4 or 5 friends that I have or the family members that I'm close to are the people that I'm like "I want to be like you". So I just keep that energy near me and close.

Finish this statement, "If I knew then what I know now..."

Where do I want to take this because there's so many. (laughs) Umm, I'm gona go the love route. I took for granted a lot of relationships and I focused on my career or college or my friends or other thing and didn't really value certain people. So I think I was really really guarded for no reason. Like when I think about my younger years, I didn't have a lot of this guy cheating on me or girls calling me or a lot of turbulence. But I was just so guarded for no reason. So I would just love more and be more open. Like why are you scared? Just love and be open and unloved and break up but to feel it and experience it.

Tell me about a day in the life of Qortni.

My life is really revolved around me. I spend my days indulging in that and really loving me and learning me. I wake up in the morning, I may read or I'll watch my favorite show or just kinda do what I want. A lot of times what I want to do is hang out with my three year old niece. But I feel like I have this level of freedom to pick and choose my day and make it what it is. I think the only part I don't pick and choose is that damn job but (laughs) you know I have to pay my bills so you take what you can. And even that, there are a lot of parts of that that I enjoy. So I feel like a day in the life of Qortni is making Qortni better whatever that means that day.

If you had a super power, what would it be?

I'm a big nerd and I like these sci-fi shows and there's this show called "4400" and everybody has these super powers. This one person had the ability to plant ideas in other people's heads. So I think I would want that. To be able to influence people without them knowing that I'm influencing them.

Name something about you that most people don't know (awkwardly cool trait).

Umm I'm not cool though. I'm just awkward. There's nothing that's like cool about me. My awkwardly cool trait is that I'm a big nerd, I like sci-fi and reading and all types of nerdy stuff. But I'm ok with just being awkward and being myself. I've never had that need to be cool or anything like that.

Describe your fashion sense or style.

I think my sense of style is like quirky. I like something that looks like its mine. Like it was made for me. I may shop at every other place but I like things that's the "Qortni" type. Or something that has a personality to it.

Name three things you never leave home without?

My cellphone, chap stick. No seriously. My lips are full and they cant be ashy. And usually I have a change of shoes. I'm one of those people who always wants to be cute so I'll put some heels on but then I'll have my flats. Like if I have a meeting at work, I'll put my heels on but I'll have my sneakers on the side.

If you had theme music for every time you entered a room, what would it be?

Umm, I don't know. Something Nina Simone.

Name one place you would love to travel to.

Bali. Because its so far from here. It's so far and the culture is so different.

What's your relationship status?

SUPER SINGLE! Super duper single. Super single and circumstantially  ready to mingle. (laughs)

Finish this statement, "I feel sexy when..."

I'm so awkward. I don't know if I ever feel sexy. People say that I look sexy and people call me sexy but I don't ever see myself like that. I look in the mirror and I'm like *goofy giggle* and that's how I feel about myself. So I don't know when I feel sexy.

What is your dream job or career?

Something involving kids and art and design.

What are some of your 2016 goal?

I'm not sure. Cause I feel like there are a lot of things I tell myself "like in 2016 you should do this". I can think about ten things I done told myself and haven't done any of them in the last two weeks. So is that really a goal? Be honest with myself as far as my goals go is what I'm actually going to do this year. I think I'm just going to focus on being healthy. And not doing some crazy "DON'T EAT ANYTHING and WORK OUT 7 TIMES A DAY". Just being honest with myself and make reasonable smart choices.

Finish the statement, "It's all about ME because..."

It's all about me because I haven't found a greater purpose yet. I'm not talking about God. Like I'm not a mother, I'm not a wife, I'm just me.

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